Sustainable Waste Management to let Mother Nature thrive






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Green Electricity

We are working towards an on-site electricity plant fueled entirely by methane, with enough power to run the entire park and - during summer - provide electricity to the national grid.

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Fresh water Improvement

We are working with innovative engineering specialists to develop systems that remove Nitrogen and other elements from our wastewater. This neutralizes our impact on local rivers, so they may remain healthy for future generations.

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Industrial Waste Recovery

Partnering with large food manufacturers to take in their processing waste and keep it out of the land-fill. These waste products otherwise get spread onto paddocks or sent to dump sites, where they can get into water bodies and contribute to eutrophication.

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Community Initiatives

As a socially-conscious organisation, we support local initiatives, community groups, sports teams, schools, maraes, and charitable causes. We believe that a circular economy doesn't just apply in a physical sense, but also in monetary and spiritual manners too.

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Our Partners:
Profile on Rawhiti Pork Ltd

“A developing facility with excellent design, management and animal welfare. This will be a showpiece for the pork industry when construction & landscaping are completed. Congratulations to the owners, Graham and staff"

- Greg Braggins, Lead Food Safety Auditor,


Rawhiti's real-world effect



Tonnes of methane gas captured since September 2016



Tonnes of waste recovered from landfill since September 2016




What the community
has to say:


"Demonstrating circularity by using decomposed waste and farm manure to produce the electricity that powers your site is an elegant solution. This project is one that should soon be replicated elsewhere in NZ."

Bruce Gledhill
Product Specialist
Pioneer Group: Innovation Engineering for a Circular Economy

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"Your project has added value in converting 100% of the waste streams into useful product and therefore adopting the Circular Economy philosophy."

Don McLeod
Chief Executive Officer
Matamata-Piako District Council

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"Our students and staff have been impressed with the forward thinking and commitment of Rawhiti as a business to support New Zealand's environmental targets by taking positive action."

Peter Hampton
Director of Agribusiness
The Centre of Excellence for Agricultural Science & Business
St Pauls Collegiate School, Hamilton

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